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Simmetry 3d is a cutting edge design and visualisation tool for designers working with landform and built environments.

Simmetry 3d provides powerful, but intuitive tools to let you create fully interactive, three-dimensional “virtual reality” simulations. These simulations differ from conventional animations as they allow the viewer to deviate from the prescribed route at any point giving the viewer complete freedom to explore each model.

Interfacing with leading 3d modelling software, Simmetry 3d allows you to re-use your existing models and gain extra value from them.

Simmetry 3d simulations are distributable, so you can even let clients take a journey though your design <more>

Produce Interactive Simulations
Import from existing data sources
Interactive terrain modelling
Distribute designs
Designed for ease of use
Simmetry 3d allows you not only to develop digital simulations of environments that can be "walked through", but these simulations may also contain animations and positional sounds to further enhance the user experience. The simulations are dynamic, giving the user the flexibility both to move anywhere within the modelled environment and to interact with objects in the simulation.
Simmetry 3d interfaces with industry standard software packages to enable users to quickly import and combine data from a variety of GIS, CAD and three dimensional modelling sources. By consolidating data from these diverse sources into your Simmetry 3d simulations, you can get more value from your existing data.


Using Simmetry 3d allows you to design with terrain in an intuitive fashion. Import and create three dimensional terrain models from a variety of data formats, such as DWG files, USGS DEM files, plus many others. Terrain models can then be interactively sculpted using the powerful Simmetry 3d terrain manipulation tools, letting you add features, remove land, calculate cut and fill volumes, overlay aerial photography, plus much more.

Simmetry 3d allows you to distribute simulations to interested parties through the Simmetry 3d Viewer program or using ActiveX technology on web pages. Delivered as an optimised, read-only format, recipents can walk around your design and provide you with feedback whilst your investment in the model is protected. You may also produce standard videos and images from your simulations.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced three dimensional modeller, Simmetry 3d has been designed to allow you to quickly learn how to visualise your designs. The design software comes with a fully customisable user interface that lets you work how you wish and provides a set of powerful tools that will let you create your interactive models with the minimum of time and effort.


Use the library of three dimensional objects that ship with Simmetry 3d to quickly enhance your interactive models. From vegetation through to vehicles, a simple drag and drop interface allows you to quickly position objects into your visualisations. The library is extensible, so that you can even add your own objects to the library to reuse them in other simulations.